Nagios is excited to release Nagios Log Server 2!  Featuring a sleek new interface, new advanced reporting options, and granular user permissions, Log Server 2 is faster and more secure than ever before.

Check out the full change list below!

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Below is the full change list:

2.0.0 - 11/14/2017
- Added Czech as a selectable language (localized translation pending) -SW, JO
- Added alert history tracking and page -JO
- Added ability to give users specific permissions (such as viewing/editing alerts and configuration) -JO
- Added reset command subsystem commands in the upgrade script -JO
- Added ability to add q=<id> or a=<id> to the logserver.js dashboard for clicking through alerts and queries [TPS#10622] -JO
- Added more LDAP user account types for importing from different LDAP setups -JO
- Added activation for licenses -JO
- Added automatic activation for licenses with client ID (or token value) from the GUI -JO
- Added maintenance check and maintenance information including renewal link in "License Information" page -JO
- Added internal proxy settings for maintenance, activation, and upgrade checks [TPS#5095] -JO
- Added loading into the dashboards until one of the panels starts loading to indicate an action is happening -JO
- Added initial close time of 30 days to backup and maintenance section on clean installs [TPS#10748] -JO
- Added option for text only emails instead of HTML [TPS#12230] -JO
- Added functionality to the job subsystem that checks for stuck jobs and will reset them [TPS#7176] -JO
- Added last modified time to the snapshots and maintenance section of Admin area [TPS#10802] -JO
- Added a run button to the actions available for command subsystem jobs to manually run a command now easily -JO
- Added the ability to export the table data as a CSV with matching table headers to columns in CSV [TPS#4176] -JO
- Updated encrypted files to support PHP 7 and 7.1 -JO
- Updated style to the Nagios standard Modern theme -JO
- Updated Elasticsearch to version 1.7.6 -JO
- Updated Logstash to version 2.4.1 (with all plugins included) -JO
- Updated to elasticsearch-knapsack -JO
- Updated CodeIgniter to 3.1.x -JO
- Updated wording for User permissions in the create user page [TPS#10187] -JO
- Updated license pages and trial expiration pages to a better format and to say the correct values based on the situation -JO
- Updated install to check for nagios users's home directory [TPS#10438] -JO
- Updated alerts page when using a custom query to not send to the wrong dashboard, instead it sends to a raw query result page [TPS#9256] -JO
- Updated Backup & Maintenance admin page to show amount of snapshots -JO
- Updated Backup & Maintenance admin page repository creation to use a modal and repository table to show repo size -JO
- Updated "Backup & Maintenance" page to be called "Snapshots & Maintanenace" to better distinguish the different types of backups -JO
- Updated alerts to no longer have Nagios Reactor outputs (people with Reactor outputs will still see their outputs) -JO
- Updated index and cluster index lists to not allow closing the current day's index, only deletion [TPS#9105] -JO
- Fixed issue when imporitng AD/LDAP users who were unchecked would still verify against username/email [TPS#10233] -JO
- Fixed issue with usernames with "-" character in them not working [TPS#10229] -JO
- Fixed issue where install would exit if ntpdate could not get time [TPS#10301] -JO
- Fixed rsyslog script to use Disk-Assisted Queues if connections cannot be made to Log Server -SW
- Fixed ip address resolution in install/upgrade scripts [TPS#10761] -JO
- Fixed dashboard style selection dropdown showing up even though there are not multiple supported themes yet -JO
- Fixed using GET requests against backend API to do searches with JSON body [TPS#10559] -JO
- Fixed ability to make redirect variable work with any url on login page -JO
- Fixed user permissions on alert notification management pages -JO
- Fixed various CSRF and XSS vulnerabilities -JO
- Fixed alert not sending formatted %time% output in alerting methods [TPS#11842] -JO
- Fixed issue with AD/LDAP importing folders with commas in the name [TPS#11393] -JO
- Fixed session user_id not being verified as existing in DB (deleted user stays logged in) [TPS#11342] -JO
- Fixed some of the high memory usage issues on the admin page (may still need to update PHP max memory on larger systems) -JO