Fusion 4.0.1 is an initial bugfix release after the release of Nagios Fusion 4.  Even though it’s a bugfix release, we’ve also added a bit of functionality!

The Deploy Dashboards component has been updated, we’ve added a Business Process Intelligence component so you can see you Nagios XI BPI data as a dashlet in Fusion, and we’ve allowed the URLs to be relative paths for Fusion to be proxied if necessary.

Check out the full change list below!

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Below is the full change list:

Fusion 4.0.1 – 10/05/2017

  • Update debug log to output proper global_auth_interval -JO
  • Added sanity testing script -BH
  • Added sanity tests to upload component/dashlets to detect errors and prevent installation [TPS#12243] -BH
  • Fixed xss vulnerabilties in users/servers (+ some) [TPS#12246,12247] -BH
  • Fixed exclusions/server mappings working on newly created users [TPS#12395] -BH
  • Fixed trial extension [TPS#12254] -BH
  • Fixed locale being unable to reset to en_US after selecting another [TPS#12209] -BH
  • Changed ‘Force password change’ default on edit user [TPS#12396] -BH
  • Fixed home/screen overwrite issue with deployed dashboards [TPS#12212] -BH
  • Fixed upgrade issues with sourceguardian loader -BH
  • Add ability to use relative paths in sys generated URLs [TPS#12481] -BH