This release of Nagios XI features fixed newline issues with BPI host/service group syncing, fixed URL validation on PHP 5.2+ systems, fixed 6+ minor bugs, and patched various minor security vulnerabilities.

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Below is the full change list:

5.4.5 - 05/31/2017
- Updated re-configure service message and link for advanced configurations [TPS#11700] -BH
- Updated validation for URLs to use internal PHP validation on PHP 5.2+ [TPS#11689] -JO
- Updated BPI host and service group sync to actually remove host and service groups from 
  BPI that have been deleted or have no members [TPS#11743] -JO
- Fixed issue with MySQL ports configured in-line inside [TPS#11688] -JO
- Fixed Nagios BPI issue where adding new groups would cause spacing issues in the config 
  [TPS#11721] -JO
- Fixed issue with port for MySQL in automysqlbackup, repair, backup, and restore scripts 
  [TPS#11754] -SS, JO
- Fixed typos in API reference config object help section [TPS#11782] -JO
- Fixed reset password sending username in GET parameters with password reset token [TPS#11793]
- Various minor security issues -JO
- Fixed script to allow for overriding default password [TPS#9710] -BH

Core Config Manager (CCM) - 2.6.7
- Fixed result limit box in the CCM settings page to be a dropdown to match the CCM pages [TPS#11648] -JO


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