This is a release announcement for Nagios NDOUtils, NRPE and new Nagios Plugins. Below are the full changes and enhancements for each release. We recommend all Nagios users upgrade to these versions.

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Below is the full change list:

NDOUtils - 2.1.3
-Check results since version 3.0 have had a hard-coded 64KB limit. There is now a configuration variable to change the limit.
-Added a broker-event for the end of a timed event so that a broker module can take action if needed
-mysql passwords can now contain special characters that previously caused problems
-In three places, ndomod was freeing a buffer before it was done using it causing nagios to crash under certain circumstances
-Changed release date to ISO format (yyyy-mm-dd)
-Fixed a typographical error in an include

NRPE - 3.1.0
-Added a configuration option to change the value of NASTY_METACHARS
-While processing an 'include_dir' statement, to read a directory of configuration files, those files will now be sorted by name
-Previously, nrpe could only send messages to the system log. It can now write to a log file by using the new 'log_file=' parameter in nrpe.cfg
-Previously, check_nrpe could only send messages to the system log. It can now write to a log file by using the new '--log-file=' or '-g' options

-Some messages were only being written to the screen. They will now be written to the system log, or the new logfile described above
-Changed the 'check_load' command in so it now has reasonable thresholds
-Solaris 11 detection was broken in configure and has been fixed
-If '-f' was passed on the command line to check_nrpe, the '-a' option was being ignored
-Added the missing LICENSE file
-When the configuration file specified that TLS version 1.2 or above should be used, nrpe was allowing versions 1.0 and 1.1
-The "Remote  accepted a Version xx Packet" message was being logged with a severity of LOG_INFO. That has been changed to LOG_DEBUG to make it easier to filter out unneeded messages in the system logs
-nrpe was crashing when the SSL key and/or SSL cert files were symbolic links to files that do not exist
-Updates to README files, documentation, and a lot of spelling errors
-Changed release date to ISO format (yyyy-mm-dd)
-Changed the unit description for the systemd service file
-Added reload command to systemd service file
-check_nrpe will now return a status of UNKNOWN instead of CRITICAL when the '-u' parameter is set, and it cannot communicate with the remote device
-The number of messages being sent to the system logs when running nrpe under xinetd.d has been reduced.
-Fixes allowing the use of openssl version 1.1.x
-If the 'nrpe_user' is numeric, PATH and other environment variables were not being set properly
-Fixed a problem when building rpm's

Nagios Plugins - 2.2.1
-check_users was not accepting a threshold of zero
-check_http was reporting warning where it should report ok when the '-e' flag was given
-check_snmp was not accepting the command line flags that tell it to use IPv6
-check_swap had minor errors when calculating thresholds and disk space
-check_uptime had backward help text for thresholds
-check_http was prematurely reporting success when checking the validity of the certificate
-check_mysql now has uptime in the metric counts
-check_http would fail if the last header did not end with a line-feed
-check_mailq - Fix for Postfix and better Sudo Checking
-check_users would crash if either warning or critical thresholds were not provided
-check_dns was failing because the 'nslookup' program changed how it printed the results
-check_mailq: fixed the nullmailer regular expression Ubuntu 16.04
-check_swap was returning OK, if no swap activated
-Building of RPMs on Amazon Linux was failing