This release of Nagios XI features improvements to downtime, deadpool and has minor bug fixes. Various deadpool issues have been fixed as well as a flexible downtime issue in Nagios Core. Scheduled downtime with multiple hosts and all services sometimes not setting the correct downtimes have also been fixed in this release.

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Below is the full change list:

- Fixed Rapid Response not respecting acknowledgement defaults
- Fixed scheduled downtime where multiple hosts and "apply for all services" do not create host downtime and doubling services
- Fixed to ask if user wants to reset before running
- Fixed gauge dashlet from not working on certain datastore names
- Fixed extra memory usage that could hit php memory limit in graph explorer's fetch_rrd function
- Fixed additional hard-coded database name in SQL query
- Fixed Schedule Downtime using the browser's hostname instead of localhost for downtime query
- Fixed deadpool hostname escaping issue when running final stage deletion command
- Fixed deadpool cron run time from every 5 minutes to every minute
- Fixed sorting order in create and edit BPI group host/services member slection list
- Fixed permalink creation to create based on external url and urlencoded frame url
- Fixed command check test showing up as html entities in pre tags
- Fixed deadpool service filters regex match looking at hostname instead of servicename

Core Config Manager(CCM) - 2.6.6 -------------------------------- - Fixed default page limit to be set properly - Updated CCM Table to accurately display 'Config Name' instead of 'Service Name' Nagios Core ----------- - Fixed issue with flexible downtime disabling notifications for host/services (4.2.4 patch)