Nagios has released Nagios XI 5.3.3.

Nagios XI 5.3.3 includes a fix for several bugs that people were experiencing on CentOS/RHEL 7.3 systems.

This is a bug fix only release and does not contain new features.

Below is the full change list:

5.3.3 - 11/21/2016
- Updated Japanese translations (thanks Sasaki)
- Fixed logarithmic perfdata graphs when having negative values in Highcharts
- Fixed postgres re-sequencing script in tools directory using the correct import_xiconfig script
- Fixed Bulk Modifications tool "find relationships" button JS errors
- Fixed legend in graphs not displaying properly when gray theme is used
- Fixed import not creating duplicate services when multiple hostgroups defined
- Fixed calendar not displaying properly occasionally in graph explorer
- Fixed issue where DB connection fails while waiting for MySQL to actually start and shows repair DB messages
- Fixed encoding issue on My Tools page
- Fixed encoding issues for French language on a couple pages

Core Config Manager (CCM) - 2.6.2
- Fixed issue with service escalations page showing two * in selection box after saving the service escalation
- Fixed missing * option in host escalation hosts and host group options that are in service escalation
- Fixed not being able to delete objects from the XI GUI (Reconfigure Tab)

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