New releases of Nagios Core, NDOUtils


This new Nagios release updates two of the main components of many Nagios installations:

  • Nagios Core, the industry-leading monitoring engine
  • NDOUtils, used to record Nagios Core results in a MySQL database


Details for each release can be found on the following pages:


Some highlights of the new versions include:

Nagios Core
  • Fixed several problems in the UI
  • $ARGn$ Macros can now be used in perfdata commands
  • Running nagios -v on takes 90+ seconds (bug introduced in last release)
  • Missing Image for Host and Service State Trends in Availability Report
  • Maintain non-persistent comments through reload (not restart)
  • Removed the alpha/beta quality warning from README
  • Fixed a segfault in ndomod when nagios is reloaded (SIGHUP) (bug introduced in last release)