We are pleased to announce new releases of Nagios Core, NDOUtils, and Nagios Plugins package!


This new Nagios release updates three of the main components of many Nagios installations:

  • Nagios Core, the industry-leading monitoring engine
  • NDOUtils, used to record Nagios Core results in a MySQL database
  • Nagios Plugins, which Core uses to check the many servers in your environment


Details for each release can be found on the following pages:


Some highlights of the new versions include:

Nagios Core
  • Security fixes
  • Improved support for BSD
  • Added host name to the website page title
  • Various bugs addressed
  • Improved performance
  • Cross-platform changes
  • More strict checking of return codes
Nagios Plugins
  • Various new flags and features
  • IPv6 support for check_snmp
  • Numerous bugfixes

— The Nagios Team