SAINT PAUL, MN – Nagios Enterprises has announced that the Nagios Plugin team is undergoing some changes, including the introduction of a new maintainer. The website will remain the official location of the Nagios Plugins, and development of the plugins will continue on GitHub at

Changes are being made to the team as the result of unethical behavior of the previous Nagios Plugins maintainer. The previous maintainer had repeatedly ignored the requests by Nagios Enterprises to make minor changes to the plugins website to reflect their relation to Nagios, rather than unrelated projects and companies. After failing to acknowledge the requests, Nagios Enterprises has updated the website to reflect the previously requested changes. Rather than contacting Nagios Enterprises regarding the change, the previous maintainer decided to embark on a vitriolic path of attacking Nagios and spreading mistruths about what had happened.

Unethical behavior, as displayed recently, is not beneficial for the Nagios community nor is it in keeping with the high standards people have come to rely on from Nagios. Thus, Nagios Enterprises has decided to find a new maintainer for the plugins. A new maintainer has already stepped forward and will be announced shortly.

Nagios Enterprises would like to thank all current and past plugin developers for their contributions and welcomes anyone new who is interested in contributing to the project moving forward.

With multiple awards, notable users in every vertical and horizontal sector, an active worldwide community, and thousands of addons and extensions, Nagios is the industry standard in IT infrastructure monitoring. Nagios provides critical monitoring and alerting for networks, systems, applications, metrics, and business processes. Nagios Enterprises is the official commercial arm of Nagios and provides value-added services, products, and solutions to clients worldwide.

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