SAINT PAUL, MN (PRLOG) – The 2013 Nagios World Conference was a tremendous success. Following three full days of presentations from notable industry experts, fruitful networking opportunities, and valuable customer and user feedback, Nagios Enterprises is pursuing new innovations in the IT management space.

The Nagios World Conference was a huge success and showcased many new developments in Nagios – including a new cross-platform monitoring agent (NCPA), a stable release of a new monitoring enging (Nagios Core 4.X), new options for scalability and distributed monitoring, agent deployment technology, and a new network flow data monitoring solution (Network Analyzer). Nagios Enterprises has achieved some incredible goals in the past year and following the conference, Nagios is seeking new community members who are enthusiastic about contributing their time and talent to future projects.

Nagios Enterprises is focusing additional attention towards the improvement of the Nagios Core project as well as other Open Source endeavors. Major milestones have been met in the past year, and Nagios wants to raise the bar even further. After the conference, Ethan Galstad, Founder and President of Nagios Enterprises, highlighted the future goals for the Core project:

  • Improve the new Nagios Core 4.X monitoring engine
  • Break ground on Nagios Core 5.0 – the next generation monitoring engine
  • Improve the patch review, testing, and acceptance procedures for Nagios code contributions
  • Extend and improve the capabilities of the new Nagios Cross-Platform Agent (NCPA)
  • Develop enhancements for the Nagios SNMP Trap Interface (NSTI)
  • Increase flexibility of the APIs in all Nagios solutions for further integration and customizability
  • Provide advancements to Nagios resources to allow developers to more easily extend Nagios solutions

For community members interested in joining the Nagios team to help design, build, and implement the next generation of Nagios, visit: or email us at:

With multiple awards, notable users in every vertical and horizontal sector, and thousands of add-ons and extensions, Nagios is the industry standard in IT infrastructure monitoring. Nagios provides critical monitoring and alerting for networks, systems, applications, metrics, and business processes. Nagios Enterprises is the official commercial arm of Nagios and provides value added services, products, and solutions to clients worldwide.

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