Saint Paul, MN (PRWEB) October 27, 2010

Nagios Enterprises is pleased to announce that a long-standing dispute with German company NETWAYS over unauthorized trademark and domain name registration and use has resulted in a victory for Nagios. The dispute stemmed from unauthorized Nagios trademark and domain name registrations and usage by NETWAYS and its managing director — Julian Hein — dating back nearly five years.

Ethan Galstad – founder of Nagios – believes that community pressure proved key to Mr. Hein and NETWAYS finally transferring ownership of the trademark domains to Nagios. “Making these issues visible engaged the community, which quickly resulted in concrete actions to finally resolve the ownership dispute.”

After years of defending the Nagios trademark against infringement, Galstad understands the importance of protecting the Nagios project and its brand. “We are diligent in protecting the Nagios brand from the dilution and damage that results when commercial entities leverage the Nagios mark for their own benefit without authorization. It is important that we do so for the future of the company, the Nagios project, and the greater Nagios community.”

Galstad believes this win offers hope to other Open Source developers that face companies taking liberties with their projects and brand names. “This violation took more than four years and thousands in legal fees before it was finally resolved. My hope is that this can serve as an example to Open Source developers worldwide that they can overcome infringements and protect their brands if they are persistent and engage their respective communities.”

More information on the trademark victory and what Galstad believes it means for Nagios and the greater Open Source community can be found in his blog post at: