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IT professionals worldwide love Nagios because it not only makes their job easier – it makes them into an IT hero. When you can fix problems before anyone notices, spot trends to aid future infrastructure upgrades, and provide management with much-needed capacity planning information, you get called a hero. Nagios helps your ninja powers shine through.

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Power Outages Can’t Stop The National Radio Astronomy Observatory


Josh Malone’s story was the winner of a recent Nagios Heroes competition. Read what Josh had to say about Nagios…

Power outages happen. They’re a fact of life for IT admins. And when they do, I turn to Nagios to see what’s up, what’s down and how long things have to live.

When a storm knocked out power to our leg of the local substation, our combined monitoring solution of a Sensaphone IMS-400 and Nagios Core alerted me to the power outage. By the time I got my home DSL up again, a quick glance at the Nagios status screen told me one of the UPSes in the router room had already failed. I began the shutdown procedure remotely, relying on Nagios to tell me what was still up. Eventually my remote connection died as the VPN server’s UPS tanked. However, since Nagios sends SMS pages over a separate internet connection, I continued to get status updates on my mobile phone.

I knew from the last glance at my laptop that I had about an hour left on the main UPS. I drove in to the office and discovered 2 other admins had also been alerted and were responding on-site. We ran our shutdown checklist as quickly as possible, all the while Nagios reporting the status of our datacenter.

When our power came back the next day, we ran the startup checklist, starting with the Nagios server which we used to verify that we hadn’t forgotten anything and that everything came back up smoothly. We had no data loss and we were all heroes!

Thank you, Nagios!

Josh Malone

National Radio Astronomy Observatory



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