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Nagios XI provides a monitoring, alerting, graphing, and reporting platform for your entire infrastructure, including servers, operating systems, applications, network devices, websites, hypervisors, cloud servers, and much more. Thousands of community plugins and the ability to write your own custom plugins enable you to monitor virtually anything.
  • The Nagios Core 4 engine provides the powerful, flexible foundation, which Nagios XI makes faster and easier to leverage than ever before.
  • Dashboards empower you to create custom visualizations for an at-a-glance view of the data most important to you.
  • Alerts can be sent vial email or text, in addition to the ability to send an SNMP trap or execute a custom script when problems are found.
  • Reports and Graphs enable you to leverage the performance and state history data Nagios XI collects, and can be exported and shared. Reports such as Capacity Planning empower you to project future usage based on historical performance.
  • Multi-tenancy so that each user accessing the system has unique visibility and capabilities. Determine what each user can see and do quickly and easily, with the ability to access XI via local authentication or AD/LDAP credentials.
  • Simplified configuration using either the 60+ step-by-step wizards for common items, or the advanced Core Config Manager GUI.
  • Extendable architecture including a built-in REST API and the ability to develop your own wizards and components.
  • Bulk options for initial configuration and for making sweeping granular adjustments to your monitored objects afterward.


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Use Cases & Benefits

Standard Edition
From $1,995

  • Easy Configuration Wizards
  • GUI Configuration
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Enhanced Visualizations
  • Custom User Dashboards
  • Custom User Views
  • Executive Summary Report
  • Custom Actions
  • Dashboard Deployment
  • Notification Escalations
Enterprise Edition
From $3,495

  • Everything in Standard Edition Plus:
  • Scheduled Reports
  • Capacity Planning Reports
  • Web-Based Server Console Access
  • Bulk-Modification Tools
  • Audit Logging
  • Advanced Auto-Discovery
  • Notification Deployment
  • SLA Reports
  • Scheduled Pages
  • Automated Host Decommissioning

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