Why you should attend the conference.

Nagios World Conference attendees have access to exclusive benefits not offered at any other time or place, including:

  • Free Certification Testing: Become a Nagios Certified Administrator by taking your certification exam onsite at the conference – free of charge
  • Free Onsite Training: Attend free training sessions from our official training partner at no additional charge.
  • JumpStart Sessions: Allow knowledgeable Nagios Support Staff to help you get Nagios up and running quickly, and smoothly.
  • New Product Discounts: By attending the conference, you’re eligible for special new product discounts not available to others.
  • Direct Product Direction Influence: The conference is the one time of year that you have direct access to

    the Nagios team to share your ideas, request new features, and influence product direction in person.

The Nagios World Conference is the place to be to learn about the latest advancements in Nagios, network monitoring, and solutions relating to IT management.

This year’s conference will feature announcements of exciting new technologies that will change the IT industry. By attending the conference, you have the opportunity of seeing and trying these new technologies first.

The Nagios World Conference features presentations and workshops by industry experts, thought leaders,

IT professionals, and Open Source project leads.

By attending the conference you have the unique opportunity to not only hear from these speakers, but the ability to have one-on-one discussions with

them about issues that matter to you and your organization.

The Nagios World Conference is targeted at systems and network administrators, developers, IT managers, and other IT professionals.

The conference is ideal for individuals and organizations that are looking to:

  • Learn how Nagios can benefit their organization
  • Deploy Nagios in their environment
  • Expand or enhance an existing Nagios deployment
  • Increase their knowledge of Nagios and its extensive suite of addons

The Nagios World Conference offers a unique and engaging venue to network with like-minded IT professionals who are familiar with the challenges you face on a daily basis. By attending the conference you have a fantastic opportunity to:

  • Connect with other IT professionals in your industry
  • Learn from the experience of others
  • Develop new strategies for tackling tough IT issues that your organization faces
  • Form lasting relationships with professionals

Need help convincing your boss why you should attend Nagios World Conference 2014?

Use this template we’ve provided to get started. Download Template

or Copy/Paste the text version below:

Dear [Boss],

The purpose of this letter is to request permission to attend Nagios World Conference 2014. The conference takes place October 13th – 16th in St. Paul,MN. It provides a great opportunity for system and network administrators, developers, IT managers, and industry experts from across the globe to come together to learn and discuss product direction and best practices with the Nagios Team.

By attending the Nagios World Conference I can already envision several ways it will benefit our team.

  • There are over 40 presentations given by industry experts covering a variety of topics such as best practices, case studies, scalability, distributed monitoring, performance tuning, cloud computing and automation, new developments and features, and many more
  • Staying ahead of the curve with new product announcements and the latest product releases
  • Networking with like-minded individuals and industry experts
  • Onsite training and certification offered exclusively to conference attendees
  • Direct access to the Nagios Team to discuss strategies and ask questions


I believe that the value of attending Nagios World Conference is far greater than the actual cost. A [Gold/Silver] Conference package at Nagios World Conference would provide me with:

  • Full access to presentations and workshops
  • Exclusive Onsite Training and Certification
  • 3 Nights Hotel [Gold Only]
  • Welcome Event & Evening Event
  • Breakfast on Conference Days [Gold Only]
  • Lunch on Conference Days
  • Free Access to Presentation Videos


More information about the conference is available here: http://go.nagios.com/conference

Upon my return, I would be more than happy to share what I have learned and begin implementing changes within our organization. Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to your response.