Presentation Downloads

You can download the slides for the 2013 conference presentations and workshops below. For more information on the presentations, visit the schedule and speakers pages.

Day 2: Oct 1st

Speaker Presentation Title Slides and Files
Ethan Galstad Keynote Presentation Video
Janice Singh Visualization of Monitoring Data at the NASA Advanced Supercomputing Facility PPT (Slideshare)
Rodrigue Chakode Effective Monitoring for Demanding Operations Environments PDF (Slideshare)
Jorge Hernandez Trust Management in Monitoring Financial Critical Information Infrastructures and Policy Compliance PDF (Slideshare)
David Stern The Nagios Light-Bar PPT (Slideshare)
Shamas Demoret Power Up! The Multifaceted Benefits and Capabilities of Nagios ODP (Slideshare)
William Leibzon BOF Nagios Plugin Thresholds PDF (Slideshare)
Nick Scott Monitoring Network Traffic With Netflow and Nagios Network Analyzer ODP (Slideshare)
Troy Lea Leveraging and Understanding Performance Data and Graphs PPT (Slideshare)
Sheeri Cabral Alerting With MySQL and Nagios PDF (Slideshare)
Eric Loyd Nagios, AWS, and Hosted VoIP (Automatically Scaling Your Platform To Match Demand) PPT (Slideshare)
William Leibzon SNMP Monitoring Architecture With Nagios PDF (Slideshare)
Sam Lansing Getting Started With Nagios XI, Core, and Fusion ODP (Slideshare)
James Clark Integrating On-Call Schedules with Nagios PPTX (Slideshare)
Andy Brist Visualizing Your Monitoring Data ODP MP4 (Slideshare)
Spenser Reinhardt Securing Your Nagios Server ODP (Slideshare)

Day 3: Oct 2nd

Speaker Presentation Title Slides and Files
Eric Stanley What’s New In Nagios Core 4 ODP (Slideshare)
Thomas Dunbar Building Technology for Storage Systems Monitoring PPTX (Slideshare)
Fernando Honig Monitoring: How To Grow Up and Not Worry About Things PPTX (Slideshare)
Dan Wittenberg Scaling Nagios Core 4.x ODP (Slideshare)
John Lowry Using Nagios as a Security Monitoring Framework ODP (Slideshare)
Shamas Demoret A Walthrough Of Nagios XI’s Features and Capabilities Webinar
Dave Williams The All-in-One Nagios Solution PPTX (Slideshare)
Eric Loyd From “Bare [Virtual] Metal” to Nagios Core on Amazon Web Services PPTX XLSX (Slideshare)
Mike Weber Leveraging SNMP Extensions with Nagios ODP (Slideshare)
Michael Medin NSClient++: Whats New PPTX (Slideshare)
Eric Stanley and Andy Brist Nagios APIs ODP (Slideshare)
Sam Lansing Getting Started With Nagios Incident Manager and Nagios Network Analyzer ODP (Slideshare)
Nick Scott NCPA: A New Cross-Platform Monitoring Agent ODP (Slideshare)
Spenser Reinhardt Intro to Network Monitoring Using Nagios Network Analyzer and NSTI ODP (Slideshare)
Jake Omann Developing Nagios XI Components and Wizards ODP (Slideshare)
Avleen Vig Nagios at Etsy: How a Handmade Marketplace Grew its Monitoring with Nagios PDF (Slideshare)
Arup Chakrabarti What you should Monitor and Alert on in a Production System KEY
Ethan Galstad and Scott Wilkerson Ask Nagios! An Open Discussion On Future Directions and Technology PPT (Slideshare)

Day 4: Oct3rd

Speaker Presentation Title Slides and Files
Mike Weber Distributed Monitoring with Raspberry Pi ODP (Slideshare)
John Sellens Monitoring Remote Locations with Nagios PDF (Slideshare)
Pall Sigurdsson Adagios – Web Configuration Done Right SVG
Leland Lammert Nagios in a Multi-Platform Environment ODP (Slideshare)
Yancy Ribbens Windows Monitoring With Nagios PPTX (Slideshare)
Rodrigo Faria Helping Nagios Grow in Your Country – Brazil As A Test Case PPT (Slideshare)
Nicolas Brousse Bringing Business Awareness to Your Operation Team PDF (Slideshare)
Luis Contreras Case Study: Nagios in WindTelecom World PPT (Slideshare)