2012 Conference Presentations

Presentation Downloads

You can download the slides for the 2012 conference presentations and workshops below. For more information on the presentations, visit the schedule and speakers pages.

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Day 2: Sept 26th

Speaker Presentation Title Slides and Files
Ethan Galstad Keynote PPTX
Addt’l Files
Andrew Widdersheim Nagios Is Down And Your Boss Wants To See You PPT (Slideshare)
Sheeri Cabral Alerting on MySQL with Nagios PDF (Slideshare)
Mike Weber High Availability for Nagios XI ODP (Slideshare)
Todd Groten Case Study: Monitoring Call of Duty: Elite …or How To Dynamically Scale Monitoring in the Cloud ODP (Slideshare)
Alex Solomon Managing Your Heroes: The People Aspect of Monitoring PDF (Slideshare)
Mike Weber Monitoring Linux With NRPE ODP (Slideshare)
Andreas Ericsson Nagios Core Worker Processes ODP (Slideshare)
Robert Bolton Custom SNMP OID Creation for System Monitoring PPT
Addt’l Files
John Sellens Workshop: “Non-Obvious” Nagios (2 Hours) PDF (Slideshare)
Mike Guthrie Nagios XI 2012 PPT (Slideshare)
Sam Lansing Automating Windows Application Testing and Problem Resolution With Nagios ODP
Addt’l Files
Eric Loyd Nagios Implementation Case: Eastman Kodak PPTX (Slideshare)
Nathan Vonnahme Monitoring The User Experience For Availability and Performance PPTX (Slideshare)
Dave Williams Experiences with Embedding Nagios on RaspberryPi PPT (Slideshare)

Day 3: Sept 27th

Speaker Presentation Title Slides and Files
Nathan Broderick Bringing Nagios XI Into Your Business PPT (Slideshare)
John Sellens Nagios and Another Layer of Indirection PDF (Slideshare)
Dave Josephsen Stop Being Lazy And Write An Event Broker Module Already ODP (Slideshare)
Bryan McLellan Configuring Nagios With Chef PDF (Slideshare)
Troy Lea Custom Wizards, Components and Dashlets in Nagios XI PPT (Slideshare)
Yancy Ribbens Advanced Windows Monitoring With WMI, Powershell and VBscript ODP
Addt’l Files
Scott Wilkerson Monitoring Solutions For Remote Networks And Mobile Devices PDF
Anders Haal Why Dynamic and Adaptive Thresholds Matter PDF (Slideshare)
Alexis Le-Quoc A Deep Dive into Nagios Analytics PPT
Addt’l Files
Nick Scott Netflow Monitoring and SNMP Trap Management With Nagios ODP
Addt’l Files
Mike Guthrie Nagios Fusion 2012 PPT (Slideshare)
Mike Weber 10 Quick Steps to Disaster With Nagios (Slideshare)
John Murphy Rational Configuration Design To Prevent Irrational Problem Solving PPT (Slideshare)
Paloma Galan Case Study: Nagios Deployment In Spain DOP (Slideshare)
Mike Weber Object Inheritance: The Foundation of Nagios Management ODP (Slideshare)
Daniel Wittenberg Scaling Nagios Core at Fortune 50 Company ODP (Slideshare)
Nick Scott Advanced Data Analytics For Nagios ODP
Addt’l Files
Dave Josephsen 2002 Called; They Want Their RRDTool Shell Scripts Back ODP (Slideshare)

Day 4: Sept 28th

Speaker Presentation Title Slides and Files
Fernando Honig Nagios Distributed Monitoring for Web Applications using WebInject PPTX (Slideshare)
Jason Cook Nagios and Mod Gearman In A Large-Scale Environment PPTX (Slideshare)
Nathan Vonnahme Writing Custom Nagios Plugins PPTX (Slideshare)
Nicolas Brousse Optimizing your Monitoring and Trending tools for the Cloud PDF (Slideshare)
Yancy Ribbens Automatic Deployment And Management Of Windows Agents ODP
Addt’l Files
Marcel Hecko The Importance of Visual Representation of Monitoring Data ODP (Slideshare)
Kishore Jalleda Nagios in the Agile/Devops/Continuous Deployment World PPTX (Slideshare)
Andreas Ericsson Redundant and Load-Balanced Monitoring With Merlin ODP (Slideshare)
Ludmil Miltchev Bulk Management Of Hosts And Services In Nagios XI PDF (Slideshare)
Jared Bird Nagios: Providing Value Throughout The Organization PPT (Slideshare)
Alexis Le-Quoc Javascript Meets Nagios: Interactive Data Exploration for Post-Mortems PPT
Addt’l Files