2011 Conference Presentations

Presentation Videos Coming Soon!


All sessions at the 2011 Nagios World Conference were videotaped. We’ll be posting videos of the sessions in November – stay tuned!


Presentation Downloads

You can download the slides for the 2011 conference presentations and workshops below. For more information on the presentations, visit the schedule and speakers pages.

Speaker Presentation Title Slides and Files
Ethan Galstad Keynote ODP (Slideshare)
Ethan Galstad Nagios XI Overview ODP (Slideshare)
Dave Williams Nagios In The Real World – The Datacentre PPT (Slideshare)
Mike Guthrie Distributed Monitoring With Nagios: Past, Present, and Future ODP (Slideshare)
Mike Guthrie Exploring Nagios Visualization Tools ODP (Slideshare)
Mike Weber Training: Monitoring Linux Mail Servers With Nagios PDF (Slideshare)
Mike Weber Training: Choosing Nagios Plugins To Use PDF (Slideshare)
Mike Weber Training: Getting Started With SNMP PDF (Slideshare)
Mike Weber Training: Reducing Nagios Server Load With Mod-German PDF (Slideshare)
David Thomas Know Its Broke Before Your Customers Do PPT (Slideshare)
Nicholas Scott Nagios Performance Tuning ODP (Slideshare)
Matt Wall Performance Graphing And Trending Best Practices PDF (Slideshare)
Daniel Wittenberg Scaling Nagios At A Giant Insurance Company ODP (Slideshare)
Nathan Vonnahme Integrating Nagios With Test Driven Development PPTX (Slideshare)
Nathan Vonnahme Writing Custom Nagios Plugins In Perl PPTX (Slideshare)
Jeff Sly Case Study: Consolidating Multiple Monitoring Platforms Across Worldwide Data Centers At Nu Skin PPTX (Slideshare)
Larry Adams 10 Years Of Cacti PPTX (Slideshare)
Kimbrough Henley Using Nagios To Monitor ServiceDesk ODP (Slideshare)
Christian Mies Nagios Project Reference Story: German Health Insurance Company PDF (Slideshare)
Michael Medin NSClient++: What’s New And Overview Of Windows Monitoring PPTX (Slideshare)
Michael Medin Workshop: Scripting On The Windows Side PPTX (Slideshare)
Anders Haal Business Activity Monitoring With The Nagios Platform ODP (Slideshare)
Arun Ramanathan Environmental Monitoring With Nagios PPT (Slideshare)
Jared Bird Using Nagios As A Security Tool PDF (Slideshare)
Nicolas Brousse Monitoring A Cloud Infrastructure In A Multi-Region Topology PDF (Slideshare)
William Leibzon Nagios In Cloud Computing Environments ODP (Slideshare)
Tony Roman Cacti Workshop PPT (Slideshare)
Nate Broderick Nagios XI Large Implementation Tips and Tricks PPT (Slideshare)