2015 Nagios World Conference Presentations

Keynotes, presentations, slides, and more.

New developments and the future direction of Nagios.
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This presentation will provide a high-level introduction to the various Nagios solutions that are available – including Nagios Core, Nagios XI, Nagios Fusion, Nagios Network Analyzer, and Nagios Incident Manager.

This presentation will provide a high-level introduction to Nagios Log Server. View on Slideshare

What happens when a check is run? What are the parts that move behind the scenes to turn a service check into a notification? In this talk, Trevor will walk through the check process from start to finish, giving an overview of the components involved at each step. View on Slideshare

Best Practices? That’s like asking how long is a piece of string! While every environment is different, there are however a number of configurations, tweaks and methods that can be of great benefit for your Nagios XI environment. This talk will cover a variety of Best Practice topics for Nagios XI ranging from flexible object configurations through to back end performance enhancements.
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Learn about the trials, troubles, and tribulations Agile Networks faced while converting their Nagios XI instance over to service outside customers. View on Slideshare

This session will detail the green field deployment of Nagios Log Server in a client environment consisting of HP LAN Switches, 3PAR disk storage, HP Blade Chassis with Flex Fabric using VMware, Hyper-V, Exchange & Citrix. View on Slideshare

Learn how Nagios XI can be used to monitor Nagios Log Server (NLS) and Nagios Network Analyzer (NNA), how NLS and NNA can leverage Nagios XI for alerting, and how to use NLS and NNA to monitor each other and Nagios XI and Nagios Core, including remote execution environments. View on Slideshare

New to Nagios and wanting to expand its use with your own custom plugins? This presentation will show you how to write your own plugins and integrate it into Nagios. View on Slideshare

This session will cover how to achieve high availability and disaster recovery on Linux/Unix systems using DRBD9, Linux HA, Pacemaker, and Heartbeat. Integration with Nagios will also be discussed.

This session will discuss how to debug malfunctioning plugins, show real life situations in which the plugin does not behave as expected and how to troubleshoot and resolve the issue. The session will also cover some basic security best practices and the potential issues that may arise when creating a secured setup.

In this session, John will show how some care and forethought in planning your environment, and a few simple tools, can make building and maintaining your monitoring configurations simple and (mostly) automatic.

Lee will present how he overcame timeperiod issues, through the use of MK_Livestatus, Pushbullet, and scripts to notify of him of alerts while he is at work. All the user needs to do is execute a command at the start of their shift, and they will receive all their notifications until their shift ends. View on Slideshare

In this session, Marcelo will describe how Nagios can be integrated and extended for the monitoring of a typical power-based converged infrastructure, and how it interfaces with existing element managers to provide a single point of integration for passive and active monitoring purposes. View on Slideshare

This presentation will take a close look at how the Enterprise Edition of NagiosXI is used within Landis+Gyr to monitor systems, applications, and utility networks. You will get a strong view of the full capability and possibilities of Nagios XI when leveraged with open source software products. View on Slideshare

No debian installer for Nagios 4? No problem! Deploy your public cloud with Juju and you can connect Nagios core services to your Ubuntu instances in the cloud. In this session, Matt will quickly go over the basic concepts of Juju and spend the rest of the time walking through examples of deploying Nagios monitoring solutions. View on Slideshare

This presentation is a case study that covers how Red Ventures is attempting to migrate legacy Nagios instances to shiny new installations that leverage the latest technologies and keep the noise under control. View on Slideshare

Mike Merideth from VictorOps talks about the challenges of sharing responsibility for monitoring in the DevOps world. Learn several strategies for keeping your configuration correct, consistent, and up-to-date when several people are working on it.

This presentation will show how you can create groups of checks like CPU metrics, Oracle metrics or IIS metrics and push them to all of the hosts that require them.  The presentation will provide a script that will allow you to select and implement hundreds of groups of checks that have been developed for NRPE, NCPA, WMI, NSClient++, NRDP and NRDS. View on Slideshare

How does the snmp protocol work and how can it be used within Nagios.

By combining Nagios XI and Raspberry Pi sensors, this presentation will explore various use cases and how Nagios can enhance hardware applications with alerting and monitoring

Sean will be discussing several approaches to notification types for real world Nagios deployments. This will include a few methods for handling on call rosters, sending SMS from fully visualized data centers, and resilient notifications by integrating with phone systems for voice notifications. View on Slideshare

Learn how Nagios Core redefined support of the on-orbit fleet of Boeing satellites and changed the way Mission Operations are performed with the next generation of satellites. View on Slideshare