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Nagios Fusion Downloads

Nagios Fusion provides organizations the ability to quickly identify and solve problems that affect critical business processes. IT operations staff use Nagios Fusion to gain insight into the health of the organization’s entire network through a centralized view of their hosts and services monitored by all Nagios Core and Nagios XI servers deployed throughout the organization.

Select which platform you will be installing Nagios Fusion on.

Download for Windows

Select Microsoft if you are installing Nagios Fusion on Windows. You’ll be able to complete the install with a virtual machine such as Vmware or Virtualbox.

Download for VMware

VMware OVA download is a pre-configured virtual machine that can be deployed on VMware Workstation/vSphere/ESXi or using Oracle VM VirtualBox.

Download For Linux

If you would like to perform a manual installation on a CentOS, RHEL, Ubuntu or Debian Linux server, please choose this download option.