60TB SSD Coming Soon

But just for fun Seagate’s offering up a little relatable context to help give us all a picture of precisely what 60TB means, in terms of media consumption. That all equates to 12,000 DVD-quality movies or 400 million social media-level photos, which … Read More

amazon cloudwatch

Monitoring Amazon CloudWatch Metrics

Monitoring Amazon CloudWatch metrics has become a necessity for organizations that are moving more and more of their IT infrastructure to AWS, EC2 and S3. User fred has shared plugin that can monitor all key metrics from Amazon CloudWatch and … Read More

android vulnerability

Android Internet Hijacking Vulnerability

  Android devices are vulnerable to having their Internet traffic compromised even without man-in-the-middle-attack. Over 1 Billion Android devices affected.   The security flaw was first appeared in the implementation of the TCP protocol in all Linux systems deployed since … Read More

Why Containers Will Not Replace Virtual Machines

Containers have been all the buzz for the last several years, but they really aren’t a replacement for virtual machines. “That’s one of the misconceptions, containers are not universally portable just because of the way they work. They are basically … Read More

Monitoring Synology NAS

Monitoring Synology NAS Devices

Monitoring your Synology NAS has never been easier, user deegan199 has posted an extensive plugin that checks the health of your Synology NAS via SNMP. check_snmp_synology allows you to check: System status (Power, Fans) Disks status RAID (Volume) status DSM … Read More

Q&A with Nagios Developer John Frickson

John Frickson, Nagios’ Senior C Developer, sat down to chat about the latest Nagios releases including Nagios Core, NDOUtils, and Nagios Plugins. John has been a developer for over 37 years. Alex Syse: What is the greatest improvement in the … Read More

The IBM PC Turns 35

Of course, not everyone was excited about you. As the company notes in its own online history, one of the company’s senior execs asked “Why would anyone want to take a computer home with them?” Another reportedly said of the … Read More

New On Exchange

Monitor GlusterFS v3.7

Now available on the Nagios Exchange, user atlantos has posted an extensive plugin that checks a variety of items on GlusterFS v3.7. check_gluster allows you to check bitrot, heal, nfs Usage: # check_gluster -h Usage: check_gluster [options] -c, –checks bitrot,heal,nfs Checks to … Read More

Google to test Drone Deliveries

Since President Obama took office in 2009, developments in aviation, sensing, and software technology have powered a revolution in unmanned flight. In the next decade, the burgeoning commercial drone industry is projected to generate more than $82 billion for the … Read More

sFlow Netflow Graph

New Plugin: Monitor NetFlow or sFlow devices

Now available on the Nagios Exchange, user jmeulen has posted a new plugin that checks the number of running NetFlow or sFlow devices compared to the number configured devices on Nagios Network Analyzer. check_flow_devices.sh helps you determining if there are … Read More