New Nagios XI Tutorial from SysAdmGirl

Server (CentOS) and Client (Linuxs) Setup Tutorial A tutorial on how to configure Nagios XI server and clients (Linux).   Take a minute to view other short Nagios Tutorials to get you monitoring quickly on our YouTube channel:   … Read More

Exchange A Moment: Matthew Capra

Matthew Capra is a Technical Support Specialist and has spent nearly a year with Nagios. In this conversation, we dive into one of his contributions to the Nagios Exchange he’s titled Nagios Log Server Export. Colby Wegter: What was the … Read More

Hello, May I Speak to Mr. Nagios?

Here’s a fan contributed story that we simply couldn’t pass up sharing. It shows Nagios used in a real-world application, monitoring a digital thermometer on a less than predictable thermostat. We want to thank Michel Floyd (@michelfloyd) for such a … Read More

Nagios To Have Interactive Expo Booth at Ohio LinuxFest

Grab a shirt, win prizes, and hang out with these guys at Ohio LinuxFest We are pleased to share that Nagios will have a booth in the Ohio LinuxFest Expo Hall this Friday and Saturday. Our interactive setup will allow … Read More

SourceForge Community Awards Nagios “Project of the Month” October 2016

We are honored to have been chosen by the SourceForge Community to be “Project of the Month” for October 2016. SourceForge Newsletter Excerpt: SourceForge’s “Community Choice” Project of the Month for October: Nagios Core For our October “Community Choice” Project … Read More

6 Illusions Execs Have About Big Data

“Big Data” has become a buzz word used to explain all kinds of data.  Here is a great article by Jenn Steele who wrote for Entrepreneur on the “6 Illusions Execs Have About Big Data.”  “A decade ago, I thought … Read More

Future routers may be able to measure your mood

Researchers at MIT (CSAIL) are using algorithms to capture your breathing and heart rate cycles. The machine will learn and decipher if you are happy, angry, sad, or mad with an accuracy of 87%. Perhaps one day your network will determine … Read More

How To Create A Virtual Instance In The Amazon EC2 Cloud Environment

Creating The Virtual Machine Connecting To The New Instance Note About System Credentials

Intro to Nagios Log Server

First off, what’s a log? How does Log Server work? Nagios Log Server  

monitoring qnap nas

How to Monitor QNAP NAS Performance Metrics with SNMP

Monitoring Network Attached Storage (NAS) performance metric metrics has become a little bit easier as Nagios Exchange user NicolaBandini has shared plugin that can monitor all important metrics from QNAP NAS devices which is an extension on several previous versions. … Read More