[Free eBook] “Architectural Flexibility: Key to Monitoring Success”

      It’s important to have a monitoring solution that allows you to easily meet the demands of an ever-changing technological landscape. As a greater diversity of items get added to your network, ones both directly managed and cloud … Read More

Nagios on the Go

  Mobile Interface Network Management If you’re at all familiar with Nagios, you’ll know that the ability to configure text and email alerts for when problems are detected is one of Nagios XI’s main features. Nagios email alerts contain a … Read More

Embrace PCI Compliance

    The Equifax data breach, revealed to the public in September 2017, resulted in the exposure of sensitive data of more than 140 million people. This resulted in focused discussion on what, if anything, was currently being done to protect … Read More

Monitoring Cryptocurrency with Nagios

Bitcoin, the first and largest of the world’s cryptocurrencies, may have recently taken a dive, but if the past few months of wild fluctuation are any indication, it may not be that way for long. Since the recent price spike … Read More

Nagios Talks Dynamic Monitoring with Sourceforge

Sourceforge recently spoke with Nagios product development manager Bryan Heden and lead developer Jake Omann about the importance of network monitoring in a world where many industries are increasingly driven by technology. Due to the differences in technology needs across … Read More

Free eBook “Log Data: A Source of Value”

  “Log Data: A Source of Value” is a free eBook intended to help users add a valuable tool to their network monitoring toolkit. Logs are a valuable resource that can provide you with key insight into your network. Since … Read More

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Automatically Monitor Dynamic Linux Inventory

  Wouldn’t it be great if any new Linux host automatically configured itself for monitoring with Nagios XI? What if we told you it is already possible? It’s true. The only reason your new Linux inventory isn’t configuring itself in … Read More

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Keeping Retailers Online During the Holidays

    With the holidays approaching, retailers and e-commerce sites experience a huge rush of traffic, making network problems both more likely and costly. Many companies heavily rely on the profits from holiday sales, making network downtime a particularly dire … Read More