How to: Gain Flexibility and Expand Monitoring

Nagios XI will soon support additional operating systems! Having the right resources in place is a critical step for any IT environment. The freedom and flexibility to choose the right operating system gives administrators the power to deploy and customize a … Read More

AWS Cloud Watch or Nagios XI?

  As more and more IT workloads shift to cloud environments, managers and administrators have to decide how best to monitor cloud operations. AWS Cloud Watch is Amazon’s native machine monitoring service, and given that Cloud Watch monitors most significant … Read More

How Do NCPA Memory Stats and Linux Utility Free Stack Up?

Do Nagios NCPA memory stats match the output of the Linux utility free? Many admins like sanity checks when investigating new tools. We sometimes hear the objection that NCPA memory stats don’t match the output of the Linux utility free— … Read More

Nagios Suite Releases

  In our continued commitment to make Nagios safe, secure and user-friendly we are constantly making updates to our software. In order to get the benefit of these updates make sure you are running the latest version. Nagios XI 5.5.3 … Read More

Nagios Release: Core 4.4.1

Nagios has released Nagios Core 4.4.1 today!  Check out all of the enhancements and additions to the configure/make process and much more by clicking the link below. Click here to view the full Changelog!

Security Vulnerability: Upgrade to Nagios XI 5.4.13

  We have been made aware of a chain of four security vulnerabilities in Nagios XI that allow a potential attacker to create a root “remote command execution” exploit. Your system is especially vulnerable if it is accessible via the … Read More

Taking Gardening to the Next Level with Nagios and Raspberry Pi

  by Aaron Cieslicki   My Compost Pile Sends Nagios Notifications If you needed any more proof that Nagios can monitor just about anything, here you go: Nagios monitors my compost pile. And while this article is focused on compost, … Read More

Tell Us Your Nagios Story!

How do you use Nagios? From submarines to outer space, farming equipment to office buildings, large scale operations to hobby projects, we love hearing about the number of different ways Nagios is helping people to do what they do. So … Read More

Community Feature! Robbie Ferguson of Category5 TV

  Today we’re featuring Robbie Ferguson, a Nagios community member, the winner of our case study contest and the founder of Category5 TV. We loved hearing about his creative Nagios projects, as well as his use of Nagios to help … Read More

Simple Steps to Monitor Anything

  One of the really fun things about working at Nagios is continually figuring out how to monitor the things our clients need to monitor. Recently, we got a request to monitor a fire alarm system. Here’s the checklist I … Read More